Our Strategy: Manage

We work hard to provide The Penzance Experience, where quality customer service is fundamental to all we do.

The Penzance Management team demonstrates an uncompromising dedication to creating and maintaining value, delivering exceptional service, and providing an unmatched level of proficiency through technology and proven management practices.

Asset Management

Meticulous focus on driving NOI

Each assets’ unique value creation potential is at the core of our expert in-house team’s management strategy. Maintaining a vigilant focus on ROI, our asset managers are committed to the development, evolution and execution of business plans through hands-on active management and granular oversight of all aspects of an asset’s operations including; leasing, property management, building services, accounting, and construction management. Penzance’s nimble structure and cross departmental collaboration allow our asset teams to adapt quickly to ever-changing tenant preferences and market dynamics.

Property Management

Maximizing profit through tenant retention, operating expense reduction, and risk mitigation.

Controlling the full range of a property’s lifecycle and providing a curated and consistent experience to our tenants has been integral to our firm’s vision and success since inception. We hire the best property managers and engineers in the market and instill an ownership mentality with a focus on maximizing profit through expense reduction initiatives, tenant retention through exceptional customer-service, and an uncompromising commitment to safety and security.


Deep and broad market awareness across the region

At Penzance, we use existing relationships with tenants, the third-party brokerage community and contacts in development and construction to obtain the latest market intelligence on the needs and preferences of prospective tenants. The Penzance leasing team works closely with external brokers to create best-in-class marketing campaigns and curate the prospect tour experience with a focus on personal attention and responsiveness. We understand that tenants’ needs are varied and nuanced and embrace creative structuring to achieve the goals of both our tenants and investors. Speed-to-lease is critical to the success of our business plans, and as such, our executive team takes a lead role in expediting negotiation and lease execution.